PowerUP Radio Show

iTunes-pic-2Power UP with Rev. Monica is an internet radio show that will inform, inspire and empower the lives of listeners with music, inspirational readings, interviews and reflections.

PowerUp on Patience

♦ PowerUp on Setting Goals

♦ PowerUp on Living Your Faith

♦PowerUp on Mentoring.

♦ PowerUp on Grieving Well.

♦PowerUp on Hope.

♦ PowerUp on Embracing Fear.

♦ PowerUp on Gratitude.

PowerUp on Loneliness.

♦ PowerUp on The Soundtrack Of My Life.

♦ PowerUp on Tribute to Maya Angelou.

♦ PowerUp on Self Forgiveness and Asking for Forgiveness.

♦ PowerUp on Forgiving Others.

♦ PowerUp on Fork in the Road.

♦ PowerUp on Happiness.

PowerUp on Anger.

♦ PowerUp on Greed.


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